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Temple Byars, Current Parent of 1st grade NOCCS Scholar

LaRonda Sullivan Kenney, Current Parent of two NOCCS Scholars (4th and Kindergarten)

Family of Natara, current 3rd grade student (Dave & Pim Lorenzetti)

Alex Vazquez, Current Parent of 2nd grade NOCCS Scholar

Ian and Alexa Norstad, Parents of a NOCCS Scholar

Jen Bloom, Former NOCCS Head of School and Current Literacy Volunteer

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Wendy Barry-Owen, Founding Parent and Active Leader in the NOCCS Alumni Community

"My Teacher lets us talk about things we love!"

- 1st grade scholar

December 2020

As our family reflects upon the many things we’re grateful for during this challenging year, Ms Cornell is at the top of our list. She has been such a source of stability, comfort, and joy for everyone in our family. I am constantly astounded at the way she's been able to connect with her class virtually, and how she so clearly cares deeply for their welfare and their learning. 


Our daughter Josephine has absolutely blossomed under Ms. Cornell, and her already strong love of learning has exploded. She's writing sentences on every possible surface, so proud of what she knows, and reading to anyone who will listen. I truly feel like Ms. Cornell has been able to learn who Josephine is and find ways to connect with her as an individual. 


As parents, we're so grateful to have landed at NOCCS and to have Ms. Cornell as our teacher, particularly during this insane time. She's made our transition to kindergarten so easy and has been such a great partner. Even Josephine's little brother Eli shares our sentiment: this morning he asked if he would ever go to kinder like Josephine, and when I told him he would probably go to NOCCS and he might even have Ms. Cornell as his teacher he paused for a moment, sighed, and said "oh I hope I have Ms. Cornell!"


Thank you again to Ms. Cornell, to you, and to the entire NOCCS community for everything you've given us.



Ian & Alexa Norstad (Parents of Josephine)