Every NOCCS staff member is an educator. We consider all adults in the building part of the team that works to educate every student. We use the terms Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher to show this shared responsibility. Further, many of the current Lead Teachers at NOCCS were once Assistant Teachers. In addition, we refer to our visual arts, music and dance teachers as Integral teachers because the arts are a central part of the education at NOCCS.

Mr. Kloker

Head of School

Ms. Duarte

Director of Operations

Ms. Mercer

Lead Visual Arts Teacher

Mr. Helio

Lead Music and Movement Teacher

Ms. Cornell

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Mr. Kevin

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Ms. Clark-Kasimu

1st Grade Lead Teacher

Ms. King

1st Grade Lead Teacher

Ms. Slade (Ms. T with Students)

2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Ms. Ridolfi

3rd Grade Lead Teacher

Ms. Montoya

4th Grade Lead Teacher

Ms. To

5th Grade Lead Teacher

Ms. Badal

Lead Special Education Teacher

Ms. Rachael

Director of Cultural and Outdoor Programing

Ms. Alonso

Assistant Teacher & Lunch Supervisor

Ms. Dupree-Walker (DW)

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Kim

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Reaves

Morning Extended Day School

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