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Working at NOCCS
- Qualities We Seek -


We are looking for excellent teachers and leaders with a passionate and relentless commitment to equity and to the academic achievement and social-emotional development of traditionally underserved students. Our teachers have a special ability to teach to the whole child while developing a community of scholars in each classroom and throughout the school. 


Our ideal colleagues are positive, hard-working, self-reflective learners. They are professionals, eager to collaborate and energized by working in a team environment to support the needs of students, and communicate with families. Each NOCCS teacher holds a deep understanding of and appreciation for the developing social, emotional and educational needs of her/his/their age group.

- Benefits at NOCCS -

NOCCS Benefits: NOCCS is proud to offer a well-rounded program of benefits to support the health and wellness needs of its employees and their dependents. This program includes medical, dental, and life insurance. NOCCS employees are eligible for these benefits if they work an average of 20 or more hours per week. Temporary and part-time employees, working less than 20 hours, are not eligible to participate in these plans. 

Full-time employees are eligible to receive up to $425 per month or the total cost, whichever is lower, for medical and dental insurance benefits for themselves. Part-time employees, who work at least 20 hours per week, receive this amount on a prorated basis. Eligibility begins on the first day of the month following the date of employment for teachers, and the first day of the month 30 days after the date of employment for all other positions. Employees starting at the beginning of the school year will generally be covered beginning September 1 of the year they begin working. An enrollment form must be submitted to the Director of Operations within two weeks of hire. This form serves as a request for coverage and authorizes any payroll deductions necessary to pay for coverage. 

NOCCS currently offers a medical and dental health plan that allows employees to choose between several Kaiser and other Plans. Both of these plans offer various options at various levels of copayments and deductibles. The various options and levels are matched by corresponding premiums. Dental insurance is currently offered through Premier Access Dental Insurance. Employees can apply the school's subsidy to the total insurance premium for themselves. If an employee chooses a health care premium that exceeds the amount that NOCCS pays, the employee will be required to pay the balance through a pretax payroll deduction. 

For purposes of health benefits, all 10-month employees will have earned 12 months of health benefits by June 15th and they will therefore receive their stipend over the full 12 months (through the end of August) except where COBRA is initiated (see below). For NOCCS staff who terminate employment prior to the end of the school year, their subsidy will end as of the date of their last day of employment except where COBRA is initiated. 

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